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Andy Fine Doximity BlogIf you are looking for a doctor who has deep passion for helping and reaching out to patients, Dr. Andy Fine is the best one. For more than a decade, he is serving his patients with the best quality of care. He takes time to listen to his patients and every time that they would visit him, he make sure that he knows not only your chart, but also you as a person.

Dr. Andy Fine found his passion in helping patients when he acquired a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology at the University of Emory which he graduated as Phi Betta Appa. After that, he decided to take a Doctor of Medicine Degree at the Georgia Medical School University. He completed his Internal Medicine course at St. Luke’s Hospital in Denver. In the year 1997, he acquired his post as a Certified Internal Primary Care Physician as well as his license in the State of Colorado. From then on, he truly enjoys serving and giving an extensive care to his patients.

Dr. Fine is highly respected by other doctors because he is holding a number of medical positions in the State of Colorado. He is an expert evaluator in the clinical and medical center for the Physician Enhancement Programs as well as to several Education Programs.

Andy Fine Doximity BlogAside from being a doctor, he also teaches and shares his expertise to the medicine students of Colorado. In fact, he received various awards as a commendation of his Excellency in teaching medicine. He is also giving a lot of seminars to those young physicians that they need to practice to become as good as him.

A lot of his patients said that Dr. Fine is really a good man. He is making sure that his patients are well taken care off by his staff. He is giving an excellent care service for them and he is also reliable. For them, Dr. Andy Fine is the best doctor that they ever had. He doesn’t only know how to evaluate and give care to his patients, but he also know how to treat them very well. Aside from that, he is very friendly wherein you can share to him a lot of stories. He is very compassionate when it comes to his patients’ health. Most of his patients recommend him because of his faith and capability in diagnosing and treating different health conditions.

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